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Facts about Texas

Texas Facts

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Texas facts, designed especially for kids like you!

Have you ever taken a vacation to Texas? Maybe you were born there. Whatever it may be, you can learn cool facts about Texas right here; just continue to read on. I love learning cool facts about each of the different states in the United States. I would like to share some of those very cool facts with you! Every Thursday, I will post cool facts about each of the fifty states in the United States. The states will be done alphabetically (ABC) order! Last week, we posted facts about Tennessee. This week, we are posting cool facts about Texas. You will learn about Texas' state flag, bird, and facts. The countdown is on, and there are only seven (7) more states to post about! 

Did you know Texas was the twenty-eighth (28th) state to join the union? Yes, that is right! Texas officially joined the union on December 29, 1845! Texas is located in the South-Central region of the United States. Texas shares a border with four (4) states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Texas also shares a border with Mexico. Texas is the second (2nd) largest state in the United States. That means Texas comes in second place as one of the biggest states in the United States of America. There are about 30,029,570 people who live in the state of Texas. That is a lot of people.

Did you know that the population of the United States is estimated to be about 334,240,213 people?


Texas famous person alert:

Did you know that Jack Kilby worked in Dallas, Texas? Jack Kilby worked at Texas Instruments. He is an electrical engineer. To learn more about Jack Kilby, CLICK HERE

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Quick Facts about Texas:

1. Texas is known for its Oil, western/ranch/cowboy life, and the Alamo. A few nicknames for Texas are the Lone Star State, the Jumbo State, and the Beef State. The Texas state motto is “Friendship”. The Texas state motto was adopted sometime in 1930. The abbreviation for Texas is TX.

2. Austin is the capital of Texas. It officially became the capital in 1839 and has an estimated population of about 964,175 people.

3. The Texas state bird is the Northern Mockingbird. The Northern Mockingbird is gray and white in color. The Northern Mockingbird was chosen as the state bird for Texas in 1927. You can look at a picture and read more about the Northern Mockingbird here: Click here

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4. The official state flower in Texas is the Bluebonnet. The Bluebonnet is an annual flowering (wildflowers) plant that can be found growing in various places throughout the state of Texas. The Bluebonnets start blooming from late March to early May. The Bluebonnet is purple/blue in color!! The Bluebonnet became the official state flower on March 7, 1901.

5. The current state flag of Texas was officially adopted on January 25, 1839. Texas’s state flag is divided into three sections: blue, white, and red. There is a white star on the blue section of the left-handed side of the flag.

6. Beets, corn, cotton, cucumbers, hay, peanuts, rice, spinach, and wheat are some of the crops grown in Texas.

7. Some cool places to visit in Texas are the Space Center Houston, South Padre Island, and the Hamilton Pool Preserve.

8. Did You know that Texas is home to a diverse range of animals? From alligators to armadillos, bats to rattlesnakes, squirrels to Texas Longhorns, there's a lot to discover! 

9. Texas can get very hot or cold, depending on the time of year. The hottest temperature recorded in Texas was 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Seymour, Texas, on August 12, 1936. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Texas was -23 degrees (23 degrees below zero) Fahrenheit in Tulia, Texas, on February 12, 1899.



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Facts about Texas



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Books about Texas:

1. Welcome to Texas by Asa Gilland

2. Texas History for Kids by Karen Bush Gibson

3. A Childs History of Texas by Sarah Jackson

4. L Is for Lone Star by Alan Stacy

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Tune in next week to learn some cool facts about UtahBut before that, let's dive into the fascinating world of Texas. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post!! If you find a mistake, please let me know. "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." Albert Einstein

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  1. Great facts! I have only visited El Paso, but do want to take a trip in the future to see more of Texas.

    1. Thank you. I've never been to Texas. I have a niece that lives there so maybe one day in the future we may take a trip. It looks like a very nice place to visit!

  2. Love your content!! Keep going !!


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